British and EU Nationality Seminars

Philip Gamble, our founder and managing partner, travels to Africa regularly to present seminars on British nationality and immigration. At these seminars Philip discusses the many intricacies of British nationality law and provides all attendees with a free British Passport Review.

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Read about the seminars in more detail:

What the seminars are about

These sessions are specifically aimed at informing and assisting people who may be unaware of their rights to British nationality and a British passport. We will discuss the anomalies surrounding former British territories, and help attendees to discover their options for attaining British nationality.  

As an added bonus, Philip will complete a free British Passport Review for all those who attend. This will give you an answer to the question "What is my probability of having a valid claim to British Nationality?"

The seminars in South Africa will also include a presentation on our Golden Visa Portugal service. Attendees will hear how they may be able to attain EU Citizenship for themselves, their spouse and their children through the purchase of an investment property in Europe.

Who the seminars are aimed at

  • Anyone with a family link to the UK, or
  • Anyone with a parent or grandparent who was born in a country different to their own country of birth

Why you should attend

You, or someone you know, might qualify for a British passport – without realising it. There are many complex family or historical factors that could entitle you to British nationality. Look at these scenarios, for example:

Case 1

  • You were born between 1949 and 1983
  • You or a parent was born in an area where the UK exercised jurisdiction over British Subjects - this could be (at various times) South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia or Zimbabwe
  • This parent had a parent born in the UK

Case 2

  • You are not yet 18 years old
  • One of your parents is/was British by Descent
  • This parent lived in the UK for at least 2.5 years prior to your birth
  • One of your grandparents was born in the UK

There are many cases like this. They range from the unusual to the super-complex. We have the knowledge to assess your personal background and situation, and can help you see whether you may be able to claim a British Passport.

The presenters

Our presenters are specialists in their fields. They will take you through many of the anomalies that entitle people to British citizenship, and give you an opportunity to discuss your options with them.

Philip Gamble

Founder and Managing Partner, Philip Gamble & Partners

Philip Gamble is the founder and senior partner of Philip Gamble & Partners. He is now widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on British nationality. Up until 1992, he worked with Home Office's Nationality Directorate. Since embarking in private practice, he has built up his UK Immigration and British Nationality business in London. More recently, he has developed a unique 4 Step Process for determining British Nationality claims for his clients.


Reg Bamford

Group CEO, Sable Group

Reg founded the financial and migration group, 1st Contact, in 1995. Over the next decade, he turned it into a multinational company with over 200 employees in three countries. Today, he runs Sable Group’s portfolio of companies, which includes 1st Contact, Sable and Philip Gamble & Partners. In 2009, he and Philip launched WhatPassport, a visa and nationality searchable database coded with over 3 million immigration and nationality rules to help users see what visas and nationalities they’re eligible for.

EU nationality

Included in our South African seminars will be a presentation on EU nationality where we will be introducing our Golden Residence Programme. European nationality is possible after making a property or business investment into Europe without migrating to Europe.

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Our UK Status Trace service

Philip Gamble & Partners offer a unique Status Trace service. This involves researching your family tree and relevant documents - like birth and marriage certificates as well as old passports - to determine how your family members’ places and dates of birth could result in you having a claim to British nationality. They will write a detailed multi-page report showing UK nationality options for you and your family.

If you are interested in getting a definitive answer to your British nationality status, then please contact our nationality team at to order this service.